Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Finally Another Shirt

Yes, I still sew. I finally have something to show off. It took me ages to finish this because I worked on it just a little bit at a time but maybe we can talk about my lack of motivation later.

There was a bit of discussion at Anne's place about tops and tunics that don't go with anything but black jeans or black leggings so I thought I would try it with my crazy purple velveteen pants. (Shut up, they're warm and comfy.)

I'm a little uncomfortable with wearing too much purple though. Something about it says, "Crazy lady" to me. That's just me, right? So here it is with the black jeans. (Yes, I made those too.)

Yeah, that is better. (Darn it.)

Okay, the details. The pattern is New Look 6963, except for the sleeves, which are from a different pattern because this one doesn't include long sleeves. I think I like the look of the shorter version better on me but sometimes I like wearing longer shirts.

The fabric is a soft, lightweight twill from Denver Fabrics, bought a few weeks ago when it was on sale. I love it; it feels wonderful. I wasn't sure about the buttons. I was originally thinking either purple or dark green but there is an extremely limited selection of buttons available locally. No green or purple but I thought these yellow ones might be fun. I could have ordered buttons, of course, but at the time I started this I didn't want to wait for them. I am happy with the way it looks with the yellow. A little crazy maybe but it's "me".

So, my lack of motivation? The best way I can think of to explain is...

There are sewing projects I want to do and kind of need to do but, at the same time, don't want to do and I feel sort of guilty about skipping those things and working on something I really want to do so I get stalled for a while. I did start one of the need-to-do projects and then discovered I don't have all the notions I need for it. I haven't decided if I'm going to sew something else while I wait or not.


  1. I love the "bright top over black pants" thing because it helps me get away with wearing brighter things than I normally would. I'm trying to keep my "crazy lady" stuff more or less under the radar.

    Love the shirt and I think the yellow buttons totally work. And I'm pretty sure you read my mind with your last paragraph--the two projects I have to finish and don't want to are making me feel so stuck. Best of luck to both of us on getting unstuck soon.