Monday, March 2, 2015

Is The Top of "The Hill" Closer Than You Think?

Where would we all be without strangers on the Internet to tell us how to dress? Here is yet another list of Things Women Should Stop Wearing After Age 30. What's really funny about this list is that on a good many of the items the author says that no one of any age should wear them, and I have to agree with some of these but this list was supposed to be specific to women over 30.

From my perspective (way over 30) 30 seems like a strangely young cut-off age for most of the items in the list. Graphic tees? Really? She lost me right there. I sew most of my clothes of course but graphic tees are the one kind of RTW item that I wear often. And "bedazzled anything"? I don't wear a lot of rhinestones and sequins and glitter myself but it seems crazy weird to suggest that a woman should suddenly give up sparkle the day she turns 30. And the weirdest of all? American Eagle jeans. Really? Why? Someone explain this to me please. I could understand if it was low-riders but the ones in the picture are not.

I believe in freedom of choice and everyone minding their own business so I would like to say that age doesn't matter and we can all wear anything we like at any age but, realistically, I'm not sure I could stand by that absolutely. What we wear is a personal choice and what looks good varies from person to person, based not only on age and body type but also things like grace and dignity and other intangibles. It's too complex a matter for simple lists. But please keep making lists. They're so much fun to ridicule.


  1. I'm with you - silly list. Everyone knows you are never too old for Leopard print

  2. Indeed! In fact, I think 29 might be too young for leopard print. It requires a certain level of maturity. ;-)