Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Note About Comments

I have found out that at least one comment has disappeared. (or never appeared) To anyone who has had a problem posting comments here I apologize. I don't know what happened or what to do about it. I am pretty near tech illiterate. I have had the same thing happen to me on other blogs, including some that I am, for some reason, never able to comment on. This is extremely frustrating to me from both directions but especially knowing that people are having trouble commenting on this blog because I crave comments like a little kid craves candy. All I know to tell you is wait a bit and then try again.

Also, I have noticed some duplicate comments. I started to delete a duplicate and then stopped because I was afraid that it might delete both of the identical comments. This does not really bother me at all so if you accidentally post a duplicate don't worry about it. A comment is a comment and they're all welcome. (Well, except for the spam and trolls but, miraculously, I haven't had any of those yet on this site.)

Monday, August 17, 2015

From Old Disappointment to New Favorite

This dress is old - at least 15 years, maybe more - but I have not worn it more than three or four times. I found the paisley stripe fabric at Hancock Fabrics but there was only a little more than a yard of it so I picked out a solid fabric to go with it, not sure at the time what I would do but knowing I would come up with something. The "something" turned out to be Simplicity 5558.

(I was trying to look grumpy for the "before" picture but I just look like my grandmother.)

There was so little of the print, it had to be the bodice but there was enough left over that I could get creative with pockets and patches. Overall, I liked it but I had just a couple of problems with it. First of all the neckline looks nothing like the pattern illustration. I don't like a high, wide neckline and although this one wasn't extremely high and wide it was enough to bother me. The biggest problem, though, was the sleeves. They were not really too small but small enough to feel restricting when I raise my arms. Besides that, I just don't wear this length of sleeve very often. Around here if it's warm enough for short sleeves it's usually too hot for any sleeves. So the sleeves had to go and I lowered the neckline about an inch, maybe a little more.

And now, I love it! The neckline looks a little off in the picture but it actually is symmetrical. I could have gone a bit lower but I was being cautious and now it's fine. It feels much more natural to me. The pockets are a little smaller than I like; my phone just barely fits in one of them - not a consideration when I made this - but there's nothing I can do about that now. The length is below mid-calf, about 4 or 5 inches above my ankles. Sort of an odd length I guess but it's the length I really like for summer dresses.

Simplicity 5558 was always a problem pattern for me. I wanted to like it and used it several times before I finally gave up on it. I don't know why I kept trying. Besides the neckline being wrong I really don't much like the high-waisted look and the skirt doesn't seem quite full enough. But now that I've fixed the two biggest problems on this one and I'm really loving it I'm feeling some temptation to try it again. But I'm going to resist. I have other patterns that I haven't even used yet. Time to move on.

Monday, August 10, 2015

An Excuse and a Little Rambling

I have something to show off but we recently upgraded to Windows 10 and our PC no longer recognizes my camera so I will have to wait until my Tech Hero has time to fix the problem.

Now I'm trying to decide what to sew next. Back in the spring I had a mental list of things I wanted to sew this summer. I have not sewn most of those things. Instead it's been a summer of "Oooo, shiny! I want to sew that". (That's a figurative "shiny", BTW. I haven't sewn anything literally shiny in a long time) It's hard to believe it's August already! I'm starting to feel like it's getting a little late for summer sewing. Should I start fall sewing? So not in the mood. But at the same time, I'm thinking I really have enough summer dresses. (as if we have to settle for enough!)

It's funny... sometimes I look in my closet and it seems like I don't have enough summer dresses (or winter blouses or whatever I happen to be looking for) and other times I look and think, "Wow, I really have too many dresses." I have some that I made and have only worn once or twice and I always feel guilty about that. I feel like I should maybe get rid of them to make more room for stuff I will love but I just can't. If it's something I've worn and loved and don't love anymore that's different. I can let go. Usually. And it's not always a matter of not loving it. In some cases I do love it but for some reason I just haven't got around to wearing it much. Because I have too many. Except I don't have enough because I want something sort of like that dress but not that one because I wore that one just a couple of days ago, or like that but not that one either because I wore it recently too.

And what to sew next? There's all that lovely fabric in my stash but I have a 10% off coupon from eQuilter and I've been looking at some knits at Girl Charlee and I need some more knit pants (slacks, trousers) and I've been looking at some solid color cotton-spandex knits at Spandex World. So that's three fabric orders, at least, that I'm considering. I am such a bad girl! I am definitely going into the stash for the next project. Yes, I am. I have to do something while I'm waiting.