Monday, January 13, 2014

Hot Jungle Princess

No, not me silly! The Dress! Actually, it's probably not the best description of the dress either but I wanted to use that title. [ahem] Anyway...

Last year I had such fun following Anne's Jungle January but I never thought I would participate. But then I fell in love with these giraffes that I found at eQuilter. (Yes, it's quilting cotton. I understand that's considered controversial in some circles? Hmmmm... strange.)

After thinking about it for a little while I decided I wanted to use it for just the front panel of a shoulder seam princess cut dress so I only ordered a yard and a half of it. Then, a few weeks later I was doing my weekly browsing in the local Walmart's tiny fabric department and found New Look 6209 and instantly knew it was perfect for my giraffes.

I only needed to cut one narrow pattern piece from the giraffes so in order to maximize the amount of leftover fabric I folded it off center. I now have enough to make a summer version of this dress. Or something entirely different. (Please don't judge my decorating skills. The part of the room you can't see is even worse.)

Here is the finished dress. (I really just can't pull off the surly model pose.) I love it and I will use this pattern again. Modifications: I added long sleeves and pockets. (Why can't designers understand that pockets are not optional?) (I think my tripod wasn't exactly level. I'm sure I wasn't really leaning.)

Finally, a Jungle January post calls for a picture of a wild jungle creature. Well... she's not actually that wild but she can be surly sometimes.

*Welcome to all who come here via Jungle January. This is not a sewing blog but I do post about sewing occasionally as well as other stuff. I hope you will come back again.

UPDATE: Here it is: the latest Jungle January post