Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just a Gray Bag

This is what has been keeping me from sewing.

My husband asked for a new bag. I had been putting off making it and feeling guilty about putting it off so I finally decided that I must do this "next" but still kept putting it off. I used the Green Pepper cargo bag pattern which is really a very simple pattern and I simplified it even more by leaving off the end pocket and not making the flap over the zipper.

What made this a "Not Fun!" thing to make was the fabric. I'm not even sure what it is exactly but it's very stiff and hard to work with. Some kind of synthetic, probably nylon, with a rubber-like coating on the back. I found it at Walmart. It was obviously not intended for the home sewing industry. No disrespect for Walmart, please. Their little fabric department does have some cheap crap and an annoying lack of notions but they also have awesome stuff like this. Yes, awesome. Even though it was difficult to sew it makes excellent, sturdy bags. This is the third one I've made. I used my treadle machine. I have serious doubts that a non-commercial electric machine could handle this fabric.

So, what next? I finished this bag last Thursday and I still have not started anything else. I'm in that between seasons mode. If I make something that is appropriate for the weather we're having now I might only get to wear it once or twice before the weather warms up but if I make something for warmer weather I might not get to wear it for several weeks so it's hard to get motivated for something like that. Also, my undersized closet is seriously overstuffed and I need to sacrifice a few things before I add any more to it. I do have something in mind though, that I will try to at least cut out today.


  1. Can you make a "transitional" item of clothing, something that you can layer now but wear by itself in the summer? There's a Selfish Sewing Week event going on this week that you could get involved in (http://imaginegnats.com/selfish-sewing-week-spring-2015-giveaway/).

    That does look like a super-sturdy bag--sorry the sewing wasn't too fun! I hope hubby appreciates it. :)

  2. I think it's mainly my mood that's holding me back. Just not knowing what I want to sew next but I did cut out something yesterday.

    We go from flannel to sleeveless pretty abruptly here but we never know when the transition will be. I probably won't be able to wear summer dresses until the last week of April but it could be next week or it could be the middle of May.