Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Just Site Notes

Small Blogger problem - actually small but sort of huge to me: When I upload photos to Blogger they appear on my phone. (WTF, Google? I thought you said you weren't evil.) This is a problem because when the extended family gets together and we're all passing around our phones showing off pictures of kids and pets I don't want to have to explain why I have so many pictures of myself on my phone so I'm going to use Flickr for most of the photos on this blog until I figure this out. (And yes, they all know I have a blog (though they might not know about this one yet) but most of them wouldn't read it if I bribed them with money.)

Since I started this blog I have had absolutely NO spam comments so I'm wondering if I really need to moderate comments, but at the same time I'm a little worried the spammers will suddenly come out of the woodwork by the thousands if I open up comments. But I might try it. For a little bit. Maybe.

Also, I still have a lot more links to add, not only blogs but a few of my favorite stores too. I was going to say that it might take me a long time to get around to that but it's been my experience that a blogroll or links list is never really finished.


  1. My phone was doing this too. I googled How to Remove Blog Photos from Phone Gallery and found out there's a setting you have to undo (it might have been something to do with Picasa and syncing?)


    1. Thanks. I posted a question on the Help forum but haven't got any replies yet.