Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Style

I often half-joke, "I don't have a style; I just wear whatever I like." I don't really think about having a "style." Defining a style and consciously sticking to it seems too limiting. So my style, if I have one, is unplanned and I like it that way. But I saw this idea on Not Dead Yet Style and I thought it might be a fun exercise, even though it won't change anything for me. It is simply to list my "likes" and "dislikes." I am going to change that a bit and frame them as "Me" and "Not Me" instead because the things I avoid are not only the things I don't like but also, in some cases, things I do like but that just don't work for me. So anyway, here we go.

A bit retro (but not always)
Florals and novelty prints
Wide variety of colors
Fitted tops/bodices
Moderately full or A-line skirts
Lace trim and rick-rack

Not Me
Menswear look
Pencil skirts
Excessively full skirts
High-low hems
Cluttered or mixed-up look

As you can see I have more in the Me list than in the Not Me. I'm sure that if I thought about it more, and wanted to go into more detail, I could come up with more for both lists but that's enough for a general overview of my style.

I am interested in seeing your Me and Not Me or Likes and Dislikes. If you would like to join the fun, post your lists on your blog and post a link in the comments or, if you don't have a blog just post your lists in the comments. I look forward to reading about your style.

UPDATE: I see that URLs don't show up as links in the comments so I'm going to post them here for your convenience.

Living in Color


  1. Hmm - interesting. Might have to do this.

  2. It was an interesting exercise and got some creative juices going. My post is here: https://livingincolorblog.wordpress.com/2015/02/11/my-style-vs-my-shape/

    1. I see we have two things in common. I like longer skirts and I love fleece. I never know what to do with it though so I don't sew much fleece. I have one fleece jacket I made a few years ago and that's it.

    2. I actually haven't sewn with it much, but I have many (purchased) fleece pullovers that are basically my uniform during our cold winters here in eastern WA. One strange thing I've noticed is that Joann's here is full of fleece (at least a quarter of the store), but there are very few patterns available for it. Maybe it isn't that popular outside the outdoorsy Pacific Northwest?

  3. I always end up going with "eclectic" when trying to define my style. :o) I might need to try making a "Me" and "Not Me" list to see if a theme emerges.