Friday, April 15, 2016

White Skirt

I don't wear white very often. In fact, I avoid it. I have one white blouse that I made because I felt like everyone needs a white blouse but I rarely wear it. The reason is that I am a bit of slob at the dinner table. No matter how hard I try to eat like a lady there's a better than 50/50 chance that part of my meal will end up on my clothes so when I think of wearing white or pastels I have visions of clothing disasters involving red sauce or blueberry pie filling. Nevertheless, I recently got a notion that I "need" a white skirt. I started thinking about it mainly because of the "seafoam" or "aqua" dot fabric in the second pic in this post. It's going to be a top and I was thinking about what I would wear with it and decided that it needs a white skirt. Well, I haven't made the top yet because it turns out that I don't have enough for the pattern I wanted to use so now I'm trying to decide which other pattern I want to use. Anyway... on to the skirt.

White things are hard to photograph. I took about 20 or 30 pictures, on different days, indoors and out, and most of them came out with a large, blank white area where the skirt is supposed to be.

I made it to look like a favorite RTW denim skirt that I had ages ago. It has elastic in the back.

I almost always go untucked but I wanted to show the whole skirt. In real life I will always wear it like this or with one of my shorter (high hip length) tops.

The fabric is just a medium-light weight twill from Wal-mart. I wanted it to be something that is not precious so I won't be afraid to wear it. It was reasonably fast and easy to make and I can always get more white twill so I will wear it.

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