Monday, April 18, 2016

Inspirations and Temptations

Not a lot this week but you can always find something inspiring or tempting, right?

First, look at what Carolyn has done with stripes. And notice that perfect stripe matching on the side. I'm not a big fan of straight shift type dresses for myself but I like this idea and I'm thinking there must be some way I can adapt it to something more my style. Maybe just a tunic, but I'm not abandoning the idea of a dress of some kind.

I sort of have dresses on the brain lately, as in "When, oh when will the weather finally warm up enough to wear breezy summer dresses again?" The weather has been strange this year. It was warm back in February. Now, not so much.

~ ~ ~

I almost passed by this one without taking a good look but, fortunately, something made me stop and look at all the pictures and read the whole thing. I'm so glad I did because just look at all that hand applique work! The whole thing, not just the applique, is sewn by hand.

I have actually had it in mind for years to completely hand sew a garment just to say I've done it. I actually enjoy hand sewing and I think the blanket stitch is fun to do but I don't know if I will ever tackle anything that elaborate. But doing something with a lot of applique is tempting, so... maybe.

~ ~ ~

I just discovered Dandelion Drift. I must admit I was initially attracted to the name since, as I might have mentioned before, I have a bit of a thing for dandelions. And, going past the name, it looks like I might be finding some inspiration there from time to time, such as the colors in this room decor

~ ~ ~

I have mostly been avoiding temptation lately but of course there is always something tempting in eQuilter's What's New section. (Nope, not advertising for them; I just genuinely love them.) My little girl heart is so in love with this ballet print but my responsible grown-up self (spoil-sport) keeps saying, "Shush! You know we probably wouldn't wear that because it's just too pretty and we have way too many quilt ideas already and the husband would never let us put that much pink on the bed anyway."

Here's one that's completely different and more likely to turn into something wearable: this large scale floral. Those flowers are nine inches across! I'd love to see a wider view of the fabric but this is something I might take a chance on.

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