Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sewing On My Mind

Here is some of the fabric that I have in mind to sew up in the next few months. I wouldn't call this an actual commitment but, somehow, when I go public with what I'm thinking it gives me a tiny bit more motivation to actually do it.

Winter/Early Spring

I don't have a lot of fabric in my stash that I plan to sew for winter. These are all destined to be long sleeved shirts and I could easily get them done in the next month. I was originally thinking of the fruit print as a fall thing because, fruit, but I'm not all that strictly seasonal. I will probably make the pink check next. The green with tiny floral print is going to be another Granville shirt. (I think.) I'm not sure about the batik. I might put that off until fall. I'm not totally thrilled with the light purple I got to go with it and I've sort of been on the lookout for something I like better.

Besides the pieces in the photo I have some polar fleece for more slippers and some stretch denim for another pair of jeans that I'm thinking I really should make soon even though they're not as fun as some of the other things.


Of the next two photos I was going to call the first one "Priorities" and the second one "Maybes" but then I got to thinking stuff like, "Oh, that one should really go in the Maybes and that one in the Priorities," and "Wait, there are a couple more pieces I should have included in one of these pictures because I definitely want to sew that one soon." So these are just two pictures of some of the stuff I'm thinking about.

Top row: These three fabrics are all destined to be what I think of as "cute little blouses" even though in my size they are certainly not little and probably not all that cute either. The sky blue with the tiny rosebuds is probably the oldest piece in my stash.

Middle row: I think this insect journal print is awesome. It and the yellow and gray next to it are going to be tunics. The one on the right, the music and floral print, is going to be a dress. I'm making it one of this year's priorities because I was going to sew it last year and didn't. I want to do a scalloped hem. I've never done one before so I'm hesitating about that as well as some other design details and also not wanting it to be too fancy, or "too pretty to wear".

Bottom row: More summer dresses. I'm pretty confident about those two.

And the second summer group...

Top row: I love the silly bird print. It's going to be a dress but I don't know yet what pattern I'm going to use. The plaid, an Indian cotton, is going to be a summer shirt. The last one in the this row is covered with antique sewing and corset advertisements and I love it but I can't settle on a pattern. I've changed my mind several times. It's a fairly hefty, stiff quilting cotton so I'm thinking it will have to be something without too many gathers or other fussy stuff.

Bottom row: I had been looking at the pink with the antique trucks for a while but I was going through a penny pinching phase and told myself I didn't need it. Then I saw it was down to the last 3/4 yard and bought the last of it. Now I have to find another fabric to go with it. I have no idea what it's going to be. The gray floral - what is that doing there? Just recently I was saying something about practically being on a crusade against gray and grayed out colors and here I am with an all gray fabric? But just look at it! With its little roses and tiny dot background it's very cute and cheerful even if it is just gray. Pink, yellow, or red accessories will liven it up even more. Besides, I find that even I don't always want to look like I was in an accident in a crayon factory. The last fabric, an old-fashioned tiny floral print in old-fashioned colors, is sweet. Another dress, maybe a retro or vintage pattern. I have some little red buttons to go with it.

Comments are welcome, as always.

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