Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Colors

Hello and Happy New Year everyone. Surprise! This is not an abandoned blog. I have been sewing but the real challenge is in getting around to photographing the stuff I want to show off. But I will. I must. The lovely Anne's Jungle January is upon us. But that's not really what I wanted to talk about.

I take pride in being a bit of a fashion rebel, or to be perhaps more honest, simply unfashionable. So when I talk about the Pantone Top 10 Colors it is usually to declare that I will not be jumping on any fashion bandwagons and that I will continue to wear what I like, fashionable or not, or to make fun of the color names, like a few years ago when the color of the year was a lovely pink that for some reason was named after a yellow and white flower, the honeysuckle.

But anyway, this year's colors...

I actually like most of these. I might have to risk being fashionable by buying fabric in some of these colors. (Of course, by the time I get around to making something of it it won't be "in" anymore.)

I like almost any kind of pink from insanely bright to something very delicate like this year's color of the year, Rose Quartz. Delicate pastels usually don't look that flattering on me but I think I might need something in this color anyway. Perhaps I need a pair of Rose Quartz color shoes.

The Peach Echo is nice too. I used to have a dress that was almost that color and I think I already have some t-shirt knit that is close to it.

Serenity - not really a fan. (of the color, that is. Of the movie, a huge fan but that's not what we're here for is it?)

It seems like Snorkel Blue is just a new name for a color that's been around a long time. I like it a lot and I definitely want something this color.

Buttercup - Yes! I love yellow. It's a sort of scary color and not particularly flattering on me but I often wear it anyway.

Limpet Shell - I have been loving aqua and seafoam and similar colors in the past couple of years so I am very attracted to this lovely color but it's more something I would paint on the walls than something I would wear. It's another delicate pastel that probably wouldn't look that great on me.

Lilac Gray - I have practically been on a crusade against dull, grayed out colors so, no.

Fiesta - Yes! Orange is still in!

Iced Coffee - It's okay as a background color, I suppose.

And finally, Green Flash. I can't decide how well I like this color. I do like some greens - most greens, actually. I'm just not sure if I like this one a lot or only a little.

What about you? Are you considering adding any of these colors to your wardrobe?

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