Monday, May 23, 2016

The Silly Bird Dress

This is it - the dress that caused my recent moment of angst. It wasn't all that big of an ordeal to fix it. Of course I did have to take the zipper out but I didn't take the dress all the way apart like I was thinking I would have to. I took the bodice in about 3/4 of an inch on each side but instead of taking the skirt off and re-gathering it I "cheated" and just tapered out to the original seam at the outer top edge of the pocket. (And that sentence probably made no sense without a picture to illustrate.) Anyway... in sewing, cheaters often do win.

It's not perfect but I love it anyway. I used the bodice of Butterick 5748 but I wanted to make sure all the birds were the right way up so the skirt is just a rectangle. Here's the back:

This is the second dress I have made that has a scoop back. Before I made the first one I was a little worried that it might bother me but I love it and I'm definitely going to make more.

But lets talk about the birds for a minute. I love this fabric. It has owls, ducks, roosters, and some smaller birds of indeterminate species. And look - some of the roosters are green! I want a green chicken for real. Parrots have green feathers so it's not that much of a stretch. You genetic engineering people get on that will you? No? Well fine then! I'll just wear my wonderful silly bird dress and dream.

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