Wednesday, January 4, 2017

It's All About the Fabric

Here it is - my last make of 2016.

I actually finished this, except for the buttons and buttonholes, a couple of weeks before Christmas but didn't get around to that last little detail until a few days after Christmas. The pattern is Simplicity 8166, modified with a standard shirt collar and, of course, pockets. The gorgeous fabric is a Klimt inspired quilting cotton from eQuilter.

Mostly, I love it. A while back I decided I wanted to try wearing leggings and tunics because I thought they would be amazingly comfortable. In reality it hasn't been working out so well. Leggings and the loose tunics like this feel sort of weird and wrong but this is my favorite leggings outfit so far (leggings purchased at a local store) and I'm going to keep trying for a while longer to get used to wearing them.

Here's the back of the tunic. I love everything that's going on in this fabric - so many beautiful colors and interesting shapes.


  1. Fantastic tunic! It's such an impressive fabric. It does look like you're adorned in a Klimt painting -- but definitely in a good way! You picked the right pattern to bring out the best in the fabric :-)

    1. Thank you so much. :-) I knew it would have to be something fairly simple, not too many seams or fussy details.