Monday, October 3, 2016

Huh... That's Odd

A little background for those not familiar with Blogger: Blogger has a lame little stats thing that is more annoying than helpful. Mine usually shows that I have fewer than 10 pageviews on most days, often fewer than 5. On days when I actually post something that goes up to between 15 and 20, occasionally slightly higher. Well, today I sign in and see that yesterday I had 77 pageviews! Strangely, that is equally as disheartening as it is exciting.

I have an embarrassing little confession: I crave attention like a small child. Or a puppy. But I am afraid to do anything to actually attract attention because I'm afraid I will come off as needy (which I guess I am in a way) or as a creepy stalker. So, more than three times as as many pageviews as I normally get on a good day. (And pageviews don't really tell you much. That could be just 7 people viewing an average of 10 pages each (Yes, I know my math is wrong.) which is only one of the reasons the thing is annoying.) But anyway, the reasons it was a little disheartening to see are, 1, that I got no comments that day and 2, my last post was just complaining about not being able to find underwear that I like. (So the lack of comments might be a good thing?) I really hope someone scrolled down far enough to see the last dress I posted.

Oh well, I'd best move on before I start sounding any more needy. I'm also just really curious as to the reason for the sudden upsurge in pageviews. (and possibly actual visitors?) Who were those visitors and where did they come from?

* * *

It seems like ages since I posted pictures but I have been sewing. I made the orange trousers I mentioned before but they came out too large. I don't know how that happened since I used the same pattern that I have successfully used a dozen or more times. I can fix them but I really hate taking things apart.

I am currently working on an early fall blouse - fall colors but short sleeved for the warm early fall weather. It shouldn't be too long until I have that one finished.

I have mostly been working on a quilt that I really want to get done by Christmas so other sewing is coming along more slowly even though I have a dozen things I want to sew and get done right now. The change of seasons is always inspiring. Even though I didn't want summer to end, didn't want to stop sewing breezy summer dresses, I suddenly find myself interested in sewing fall things.

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