Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Birds and Sunflowers and Fenceposts

Have you ever bought a pattern and then looked at it at home and realized that there isn't much that you like about it? That's what happened with me and Simplicity 8166. I knew that I would not like the high collar on views A and B. I thought I would just make the version with the bow but then I remembered that bows bother me and if I made it with the bow I probably wouldn't wear it very often. So I thought, okay, no collar, no bow; this is still good. But then I got it out of the envelope and started cutting pieces and noticed something else about it. The "placket" is really tiny and narrow and it has button loops instead of holes, which would probably be okay but right away it turned me off. Still, no problem; I could just make a normal placket. Also, I wanted a bit longer tunic, also no problem. And, sleeve elastic bothers me too so I made narrow bands instead.

So I got started but as I was sewing it I started having serious doubts. I kept thinking it was going to end up being a dumpy looking smock thing. But, actually, I think it turned out... okay.

To be honest, I think it sort of needs the bow and/or a collar of some kind. Or maybe if I just corrected the shape of the neckline a little bit and possibly added a bit of trim. I used four mismatched gaudy, gold-colored buttons thinking it might make up for the lack of a bow. The bottom one is non-functional.

The verdict, totally wearable, even though far from perfect. I will definitely make it again, with even more changes.

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