Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fabric Lust

Somehow I always end up desperately wanting fabrics from three different online retailers at the same time. And Denver Fabrics is having a sale so it might actually be four. Husbands don't understand these things. They don't understand how you can have seven medium size plastic bins full of fabric, plus almost as much stuffed into the closet in its original shipping packages, and still need more. Yes, need. I needs it.


  1. Ha! In my experience, husbands collect lots of other things. Around here, we have approximately 10,000 Allen keys, multitools, and mysterious little plastic brackets. We sell them off in February at the Bike Swap, but somehow they manage to proliferate again by the following February. ;)

    1. This is true. Husbands have shopping vices of their own. I try to time my fabric purchases after he has bought a power tool or hunting accessories. Or something ridiculous for the dog. This past weekend he bought a $20 ball for the dog. How can a ball cost $20?