Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Controversial Question

Oh, I hope it's controversial because, you know, comments. On this week's NCIS:Los Angeles (CBS, Monday night) Beale was wearing what he called a "tactical work kilt." Of course you know I had to Google that and I found Utilikilts. Their version is similar to, but not exactly like the one on NCIS:LA. Expensive but of course, we can sew, so if our guys want kilts we can make them.

Personally, I am rather traditional about some things and the idea of guys wearing skirts - okay, okay, kilts - makes me giggle a little bit but I can actually sympathize with the desire to wear one. Skirts are simply more comfortable than pants and, without being too indelicate about the matter, I can see how for guys they would be even more of an advantage over pants. And, historically, before pants were invented everyone wore some kind of robe, dress or skirt-like garment. (But guys, if you must wear a kilt, please... boxers.)

So, questions: What would you do if your husband wanted a kilt? If you're single how would you feel if a guy showed up for a date wearing a kilt? And guys, if there are any out there reading this, would you wear one, not as a gag but seriously? Also, where do you live? I'm curious to see if opinion varies by location.


  1. Here in the Pacific Northwest, wearing a kilt is a sure sign of a hipster, and is usually accompanied by facial hair and piercings (I've seen a few of these guys in Portland). So I would probably be a bit skeptical if a date showed up wearing one, since I don't have a lot of patience for hipsters. But if he just wore it because he liked it--take that, gender norms!--that would be a big plus in my book. My honey had one as a child (his mom was Scottish and he spent a lot of time in Scotland), but hates them now because of the American fetishization of all things Scottish.

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    2. That's interesting. I don't actually know anything about hipsters, just a vague impression of people who think it's cool to like things other people consider not cool, but it make sense that they would wear kilts.

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