Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Welcome to my sewing blog

I have had a non-specific, whatever-happens-to-be-on-my-mind-today blog for over 12 years. I never saw any reason to start another but single topic blogs seem to be more popular these days and while I have no illusions that I will ever be popular I would love to attract the attention of other sewing bloggers. The sewing blogger community is by far the nicest of any online community, made up of the friendliest, kindest and most fun people all over the world and I would love to be part of it even if only in a very small way.

And why Blogger? Well, it has its limitations but it's free and you really can't complain about free. Mostly though, it's because it's as near to being permanent as anything on the Internet.

I'm going to start by copying some of the sewing posts from my other blog.* Hopefully I can make them appear below this post. Then, soon, I will start posting new stuff, though probably not every day. Maybe not even every week but I hope at least once every week or two. I have turned on comment moderation, even though I hate it, because Blogger doesn't provide any better way to deal with spammers. I can't promise I will check for comments every day but please comment and I will get around to approving your comment eventually.

And I will add a blogroll as soon as I can. I've been trying but Blogger keeps telling me "Please correct the errors in this form," but there ARE NO ERRORS.

*UPDATE: I started copying sewing posts from other blog starting with the oldest first, then I decided I wanted to copy the most recent first. Then I decided this is taking too darn long. But I will do it, and more importantly, new posts soon, I promise.

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